Auto Glass Replacement Services FAQ

Will filing an auto glass claim raise my premiums/rates?

The simple answer is No! Not legally at least. As written in the Arizona Legislature, article 20-263 states, “No insurer shall increase the motor vehicle insurance premium of an insured as a result of an accident not caused or significantly contributed to by the actions of the insured.” This is why Arizona is a “no fault state” when it comes to auto glass damage.

Do I have to use the company my insurance recommends?

Of course not! This is why it is a recommendation. The reason for the recommendation is often not based on the company’s quality, service, or warranty rate but a financial obligation or affiliation the company has with your insurance company. Insurance only exists in the US because it is a very profitable industry. If company X charges less than company Y to perform an installation, even if it as the consumers expense, company X provides a greater profit for the insurance company and is more likely to be “recommended.” This generally holds true for auto body repairs as well.

Can I use your shop with “Insurance Company Name?”

Yes! Arizona residents have the right to choose any glass repair facility they like to perform the work on their vehicles. It’s your car after all. This is written under article 20-469 of the State Legislature.

How long does it take to setup a claim?

Typically 10-15 minutes depending on the insurance company and their call volume at that particular time. Give us a call at 480-573-1036 and we’ll call the insurance company with you, help to verify coverage, and get everything setup.

What if I don’t have a glass coverage?

Most insurance companies under a full coverage policy will cover the cost of a repair for your windshield. Once your windshield is repaired you can elect to add glass coverage to your policy which is typically $5-10 a month. Keep in mind that most cracks are non-repairable and that replacing your windshield may be necessary if this is the case.