Bill to Kill Zero Deductible Windshield Replacements Dead for Now

SB 1169, a bill designed to remove zero deductible glass coverage from Arizona policy holders has died for the time being. Republican Senator of Prescott Karen Fann introduced the bill as a means to thwart what insurance companies are calling over-utilization and fraud regarding windshield replacements. Senator Fann was interviewed on KTAR during Darin Damme’s Reality… More

Recalls hit new Mercedes 4Matics for windshield failure

If you recently purchased a Mercedes 2016 or 2017 4Matic, your vehicle may qualify for a complementary windshield replacement from a local dealer. According to a report at Consumer Affairs by Truman Lewis, the bond on the windshield may fail during a crash. As the windshield is an integral part of proper air bag deployment,… More